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Mean Pixel Values of Raw Stacks [Counts/px/frame]
Lower values would indicate darker images
Total Sample Drift [Angstroms]
Smaller drift is better
Iciness [a.u.]
Provides the relative amount of crystalline ice in the image (should stay below 1.0)
Defocus of CTF Fit [Micrometers]
Defocus values should behave as programmed
Phase Shift from PhasePlate [deg]
Should stay around 90 degrees for a PhasePlate EM, or be at 0 without
Astigmatism of CTF Fit [Micrometers]
Absolute value of astigmatism (Should be as low as possible, and not correlate with defocus.)
CC Value of CTF Fit [a.u.]
Higher is better
Resolution of CTF Fit [Angstroms]
Lower is better

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